Kain (Elyon’s World #1) by Brie McGill (Excerpt)

“Ahem… Yes–”

Brigham exited and the electronic door slammed shut on her question.

“Sir.” Skirra sighed.

Kain heard her trot across the room, and mash buttons on a distant desk. “Session cleanup required!”

Scrambling across the room, Skirra dove onto the floor and knelt beside him. She clutched Kain’s hand, struggling to loosen the straps on the chair. She succeeded enough to rotate his wrist so that his palm faced up. Feeling for one pulse point, Skirra pawed at his flesh until she found it, and then repeated the action on a second pulse point.

She pressed the pads of her fingers into his skin and lamented, “You poor thing.” After removing the helmet from his head, Skirra ran a hand beneath his chin and pinched his cheeks together.

The electronic doors to the examination room clicked open.

Skirra leapt away from the chair, eyes wide.

“You said you were finished!”

Unable to respond, unable to fight, unable to flee, Kain’s body stiffened. The beeping of the electrocardiograph indicated an increase in heart rate.

Kain knew that voice–and he hated it.

Skirra’s voice squeaked. “Yes, Krodha, my apologies, Sir!” She groped at the bonds, frantically loosening Kain, plucking away the electrodes attached to his body; she retrieved a knit sweater from nearby and tugged it over his head, clothing him.

Krodha stomped toward Kain, grabbing both his wrists and yanking him from the chair.

Kain drooped in Krodha’s arms, his feet dragging on the floor.

Krodha hoisted him up and gave him a shove.

Legs folding, Kain crashed against the floor, cracking his elbow and smacking his face against the hard tile.

“Aah!” Skirra zipped across the room and dropped to the floor, rolling Kain over and resting his head on her lap. She ran fingers across his forehead, through his hair. “Be careful with him!”

“Ms. Department Head, that won’t be necessary.” Krodha squatted, wrapping one of Kain’s arms around his neck, and, keeping a steady grip on one of his legs, hoisted him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. “You know he’ll be fine. That’s how it works.”

Skirra swallowed.

Krodha dropped him.

Kain crashed against the floor, landing on his back.

Krodha kicked him in the ribs with a cold laugh, and squatted to hoist him into another carry. He sauntered to the edge of the doorway, Kain dangling over his shoulders. “You engineered this stupid mongrel to take a beating.”


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Genre – Sci-Fi/Steamy Romance

Rating – R (18+)

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