The Colors of Friendship by K R Raye @KRRaye

Check-in Call

Lance closed his dorm room door and dropped his keys on his desk.  Hmm, no sign of his roommate.  He glanced at his watch, 9:40 am.  The guy was probably hunkered down in the library already.

Feeling quite rested from his unexpected night at Krystal’s he grinned and wondered how well the girls fared last night.  The last time he saw Imani, she looked quite comfortable dancing with Trevor.  Maybe they’d finally hooked up.  Plus he hadn’t seen Melody and her obsession with finding a man worried him.  He decided to call.

Imani answered on the first ring.  “Oh, you’re awake?  I figured you’d still be asleep after probably hanging out until the wee hours with the little librarian you were dancing with all night long.”

“I just left her place now.  How about you?  Did Trevor finally get some action?”

“What the hell’s wrong with you and Melody?  She had the nerve to tell me I should get with him, too!”

“Oh-kay.  I’ll take that as a no.  Any other action?”

“Hell, yeah!  Your girl who plays all innocent and sweet went out, pretended to run into a cutie, and then talked to him for hours before coming home and tonguing him down—”

Scratchy, rustling sounds came over the line as Melody snatched the phone from Imani.  “Don’t listen to this crazy woman, Lance.  She makes everything sound dirty and sordid!”

“Well, you better clean it up because strange images are dancing through my head.”

“Actually, I don’t have time to set the record straight right now.  I’m meeting Kevin for Mass and then we might check out that twisted, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow movie; the football flick; or the sci-fi comedy everyone’s talking about.  I have to go, but please understand she’s exaggerating.”

“Church and either The Talented Mr. Ripley, Any Given Sunday, or Galaxy Quest.  You know my vote’s for the football movie, but I don’t see how Imani’s exaggerating.  That’s pretty intense for a first or is this considered the second date?”

“Oh, whatever.  I’ll enlighten you two later!  Bye.”  The phone rustled again and he heard a muted exchange and a door slam before Imani returned to the line.

“See what I mean, Lance?”

“Yeah, that’s crazy fast.  You know the guy?”

“No!  And she better introduce him soon, cuz’ at this rate they’ll be married by week’s end!”

Lance almost choked laughing.  “Melody mentioned a couple of times before that her folks met sophomore year.  Guess she’s trying to beat their record.”

“Humph!  I’m not buying it.  Shit don’t happen that damn fast.  Love takes time and effort.  None of that love at first sight nonsense.  But if she’s happy, I’ll try to be happy.”

Colors of Friendship

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Genre – New Adult, Contemporary

Rating – R

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