Icarus Rising by Rob Manary @robmanary

My tongue slowly slips between her lips, my tongue exploring, sliding in and out of her mouth. Deep in her throat she moans, pressing her body against my firm chest, her arms hold me tight. She breaks the kiss and looks at me with lust filled mocha brown eyes. I smile into those eyes, and cocking my head I give her my most boyish grin. Heavily she sighs and I claim her mouth once more.

The cab, the elevator ride to my penthouse apartment, is both a blur of deep kisses. No words, just a mutual need, a hole soul deep that we two strangers are trying to fill. Her shirt is the first casualty. I break our kiss long enough to tear that vestment from her to find a black bra beneath, I’m a sucker for a black bra


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Genre – Erotic Romance

Rating – R

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Website http://robmanary.com/

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