Man from the Sky #Excerpt by Danny Wynn (#AmReading #Literary)

“In a way,” Jaime said, “reading books and watching films are the blessing and curse of the modern age, when a fair number of people have escaped at least the complete tyranny of fundamental necessities. It might have been better when people didn’t have the luxury of looking for meaning in their lives.”

– from Man from the Sky


How far would you go to add excitement to a life you felt was boring and meaningless?

For seventy-three-year-old Jaime, the answer takes him by surprise. Accustomed to a lonely life high up in the mountains on the western coast of Mallorca, his dull routine is suddenly shattered when a man parachutes from a plane and lands nearby. The plane crashes; the man lives.

It’s a drug smuggling operation gone bad. But Stefan, the man from the sky, has escaped with eight kilos of cocaine in a gym bag. Jaime brings Stefan home and is soon entangled in Stefan’s attempts to sell the cocaine and start a new life.

As they dodge Parisian drug dealers and corrupt Mallorcan police, Jaime’s search for excitement and Stefan’s resolve to find stability lead them both down dangerous paths.

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Genre – Literary Fiction, Adventure

Rating – PG-13

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